How to choose proper swing weight?

I am looking at changing irons. The ones i use now are D1 swing weight. The ones I am trying out are D2. I can feel a difference in the two. I am not sure what is best for my slower swing speed.
Does anyone have solid recomendations? THANKS
Answers: Dr.
You are likely sensing the difference in total club weight between the club sets because a swing weight difference of 1 is almost negligable. Swing weight is mostly a matter of preference but it can influence club/shaft performance. For example, the heavier the club head feels (a heavier swing weight) can provide a better sense of where the club head is throughout the swing (my preference). I like the combination of a lighter club with a somewhat heavier swing weight which gives me better control and ball flight for my swing.
You might ask yourself how well did you like the feel of your old clubs and either change or keep similar specifications (total club weight and swing weight) to match your preference.
In general, with a slower swing speed you might prefer a lighter club weight, such as graphite or lightweight steel shafts, and experiment with swing weight to get the right feel. Swing weight is pretty easy to change. See a good club fitter or pro in your area.
Good luck
Answers: Thanks for the info. The overall club feels pretty close to the same as my old ones. It MAY feel a tad heavier. I could not find the overall weight on the Titleist specs page (or the callaway page).
I have only had this set (Callaway x18) since I have practiced enough to get to an 11 hcp. This set feels fine to me, but I know that something else might be better. Just because I am used to this swing weight does not mean that something else could improve my game a little.
I went to the range with the 6i from each set and hit balls with both. I felt like i had the same trajectory. The good shots with each resulted in a little more distance from the Titleist iron. I felt like the good shots with the Titleist felt crisper, more solid.
Why am I looking to change irons? I have the sickness.....the golf club trading sickness. I have done pretty good over the past 1.5 years. I only got a new driver and bag.
Answers: As was stated already, hard to notice a one point change in swing weight. Fact is most every set of irons will have that much or more variation from one club to the next. The norm for an OEM club tends to be D2. but I've seen a few clubs that mearued at C8 and one driver that came in at D10. Big difference in OEM clubs. It's all a matter of what you like and feels good in your hands. I happen to like a D4 for my irons, and D6 for my woods. I also have a D10 62* wedge. I built it this way because with the LW, most of my shots are played with me choking down on the grip. This makes the swing weight feel much lower, and therefore my reason to build this wedge at D10. Now when I choke down on the grip, it still feels pretty close to all my other irons. The heavier head weight also helps this wedge cut thru the grass making it much easier to play a short high flop shot.
Thanks!! I did find an article that talked about the fact that most tour pros cant even tell the difference in say a D1 and D2. I also didnt take into account that the difference in my old vs. new irons was most likely shaft length and grip weight. My old clubs are about an inch short and the grips are midsize, compared to the very thin grips on the new club. So, I decided to go ahead and trim the shafts to my custom length (1 inch short) and put on the midsize grips I like. They are drying now. I will most likely play a round with them tomorrow and/or sunday.
The clubs are the Titleist AP1 graphite shafts (reg flex). They feel really good. The only thing is that those clubs dont have a matching SW. I went ahead and ordered a 56d Titleist spin mill for my sand wedge. It will match the 60d in my bag.
Thanks for the info OnePutt
Answers: I have two sets of irons where the static club weight is 40 gr different club to club...swingweights are the same and I play about the same with far as determining, for me it was trial and error along with a few rolls of lead tape and frequent visits to the back room of the pro shop to check what I was weighing in at...
Answers: Trimming the shafts and putting on the slightly heavier grips made a huge difference. Love the new irons. One major thing I notice is that on bad shots the clubs dont send a lot of vibration to your hands. They are also less offset which I really like!!
Very Impressed with the titleist AP1 irons