Carry to roll ratio for clubs while chipping?

I was wondering if there is an average ratio for the carry to roll on chip shots around the green.
ie: pitching wedge 1/2 meaning the ball rolls twice as much as the carry through the air.
Is their a standard for this?
Answers: I generally chip with the following in mind, assuming the putting surface is level:
6 iron - fly 1/4, roll 3/4
8 iron - fly 1/3, roll 2/3
PW - fly 1/2, roll 1/2
Going uphill or on a slow green I will use more club and downhill/fast green I will do the opposite. Thinking of it in those terms works well for me and keeps me consistent.
dont mean to make this all complicate but there are A LOT of variables. is the ball forward or back, what type of ball are you playing, how new are the grooves on you club, what type of chipping stroke do you use. Dave pelz's book goes into details about the question you ask, he breaks it down to the upteenth degree, very informative but I would like a cliff notes version.
This is RIGHT ON. Keep in mind that the ratios are for chipping from level to level and will have to be adjusted when other variables that will cause more or less roll (i.e. landing on a downslope will roll farther).
Answers: I just use feel, no set formula, but I do go after it pretty firmly if I want it to check quickly.
I suppose it's the wrong way of doing it, but to late to change now,lol.
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