Attn: all Lefty's playing Right Handed, or vice versa?

I'm a left handed person who plays golf right handed. I know there are others like me a, righty's who play LH too.
Just wondering, do you switch for putting? If not, have you ever tried it? Puttings always been a weakness for me, and I reckon it's because I'm using my weak hand to guide the ball. I have tried puttin left handed with a cheap LH putter, and it was interesting if nothing else. Almost as good that way around as I am right handed. Can't help but wonder what would happen if I practised left handed putting more. Can't actually swing a club left handed though.
What specific weaknesses do you think may be caused in your golf by playing 'the wrong way around'? Just interested to compare notes.
Answers: Me Lefty, Golfs Righty... ... ...
Daddy couldn't buy me lefties when I was a young lad back in the sixties... too many kid mouths (6) to feed...
Once in awhile, for the heck of it, I'll use my son's Oddysey 2-ball lefty putter on the course.
I use my standard grip so it's like the reverse grip some players use. It works pretty darn well most of the time.
But, though I should, I don't practice near enough to be good at it. It really does feel good too.
As for weaknesses ... all the other clubs ... my strength is from the left side. I've tried so hard to swing left,
but it's darn near impossible for my muscle memory (age maybe?) to reaquaint themselves to the left side.
I can hit a baseball from the left, piece-o-cake... but hitting a ball down low just doesn't work.
Answers: Yeah, when I tried lefty putting I was doing it the same as you, normal righty grip, so cross handed lefty. Lately I've tried left-handed putting with a proper left hand grip, and it feels really wierd, but I can definitely feel how much easier it would be to have your strong hand pushing the club through. I feel that when we putt right-handed, we're sort of doing a backhand.
What else do you do right handed? I play guitar right handed, Snooker left handed, and in cricket I bowl left handed but bat right handed. I'm also right footed!
I can chip left handed too, using the cross hand version, just the same as putting. But there's no way I could hit a decent golf shot left handed. Mainly because I'm right footed (stand that way around when skateboarding, snowboarding etc) and standing the other way around (eg left handed stance) feels all wrong. I can't co-ordinate my lower body left ahnded. But putting's all arms, so the left handed putting concept intrigues me.
Answers: i can putt left handed, but only cross handed, otherwise i can't swing the club left handed worthy of calling it golf. ps. some days, not even right handed. lol.
I kick right footed, and stand goofy-foot (right foot forward) on my skateboard and surfboard ... though I do neither anymore.
That's about all I do righty ... every thing else is left dominated. I even think with the wrong/left/correct side of the brain. Prolly why I have such a difficult time on this planet.

Answers: I wonder if having a bag of clubs which alternate RH/LH would be better for the body.
Answers: i'm a left that plays golf right handed and swing a baseball bat rh , but throw , eat and everything else left , and as mr. sooty said , putting is my short fall as well , i tried the left handed putter 2 years ago , but just never felt right , i went to a belly putter last year , but left everything short with it , this year i bought a hagen mallet putter and took it to the local club maker and they fitted me and bent the angle for me , now all i can say say is i love to putt , i have droped almost four stokes from last year just with the putter , i think being left handed but swinging right throws the strong eye off and we dont line up our putts as well , go get your rh putter fitted and your putter lined up for your eye and i think you would be happier than trying to put left , it worked for me at least .. i think overall we have an advantage with our style of golf ..
I don't see how...explain!
Answers: Sooty,
What rugby team is that in your Avatar?
That's the Wellington Lions, my home yeam in the NZ NPC (national provincial championship). The player is Christian Cullen. He went to my school (was in my year) and became a phenomenal All Black fullback. One of the most elusive runners you'll ever see at his peak. Went to Ireland to play for Munster a couple of years ago, and lost a bit of his spark by all accounts, but a couple of years ago, boy he was the man!
Answers: I play right handed and im a right hand dominant person, but i can swing, chip, and putt left handed, so i guess i could go out right now and play a round left handed.
I'm sure the die-hards will know this little bit of trivia....Hogan was left handed. He felt it was an advantage to have his strong side coming into the ball. My dad wanted me to play righty b/c of Hogan. I'm lefty playing right handed and I feel it is an advantage. I feel I can eliminate the left rough anytime I want by pulling with my strong side and hitting a power fade....
Like the others in the thread, putting was a weakness. I switched to putting left handed 10 months ago. At first, I thought I made a huge mistake. Long putts sometimes remained long putts after the first attempt. However, inside 10 feet I felt like I was immediately at least as good as I had been right handed. Now, with two 30 min. practice sessions each week at lunch, I am by far better from the left side than I ever was right handed. Even when I was playing to a 5 hdcp. 10 years ago. I feel like everything inside 10 feet should be made. The distance problem was cured with what curse most things....practice. The short putts I feel I see the line so much better than right handed and my alignment is much better...
Wow, I didn't know that about Hogan. He was already possibly my favourite 'legend', now he definitely is!
That's really interesting about your putting. Do you use a proper left handed grip, or are you 'cross-handed', using your old right hand grip going 'backwards'. I've tried both. The cross grip feels more natural, but the left handed grip seems to make more putts.
How much practicing did you do before you decided to take it out on the course? When did you know it was the right choice?
I've been practising with an old lefty putter I bought a few years ago as an experiment, and it really feels wrong, but it's amazing how similar the success rate is. I've just had a RH Scotty Cameron fitted properly for me, and I'm making almost as many putts left handed with a cheap piece of ****, short putts at least, anything over 6 feet, and like you say, distance is an issue.
Still wondering whether to keep trying it.
Answers: I write left handed, bat left, throw right, golf right, and eat and brush my teeth left handed.
With tennis and raquetball I am completely ambidextrous. Oh, I putt (and wipe) right handed, too.
Sooo I can't really offer anything...
Answers: Although we have a much better selection of clubs than lefties did years ago, we still don't really have the selection righties do on for example, driver lofts -Taylor Made R7 425 is available in 2 lofts for lefties, 4 for righties. See that with all the manufacturers pretty much.

I do everything lefty, except use a mouse or scissors. Wife is a lefty too. One thing I really enjoyed during my two years in Japan in the late 80s was driving my right hand drive Honda City - and shifting with my left hand. Nice..